us lot

hello, this is us lot 
... we are the ones that contribute regularly

Maria lives in Herefordshire and loves taking photos of nature. She is currently studying for a diploma in photography and enjoying every minute if it. She loves crafts and beautiful things, including her scrummy cocker spaniel, Dilly. Her hobbies include reading, dreaming and finding pretty bargains. She gets excited when she goes into stationary shops and would one day like to live in a wood!

Teri has just moved back to her beloved Cornwall where she is looking forward to taking photos of the beautiful views and living by the sea. She loves crafts, music, reading and playing with photoshop. Getting out and about with her lovely border collie, Dulcie always makes her happy.

Ruth is married to Maria's brother Luke (see below). She lives in Bradford and works in a small Lancashire town as an optometrist. She likes taking photos in the countryside, as she grew up surrounded by the beautiful Pennine moorlands. She is passionate about discovering her personal family history and loves making music on piano and clarinet.

Luke lives in Bradford with Ruth (see above) who he met while at University. He enjoys painting, making models and flavoring food with curry powder. His perfect day involves lego and a board game.

Karen lives in Manchester and enjoys the company of her friends, family and cat, Tia. She loves listening to classical music, enjoys amateur photography, cross stitch embroidery and dabbling in other crafts too. She adores reading and is hopelessly addicted to facebook. She is presently attempting to trace her family tree and is finding it very interesting.

we hope you enjoy our snaps :)